2016 Aboriginal Health Worker Guidelines Workshops

The Aboriginal Health Worker Guidelines for NSW Health provide a framework for defining, implementing and supporting Aboriginal Health Worker roles in NSW.

The Aboriginal Workforce Unit (AWU) has identified a method to better promote and socialise the Guidelines across NSW among a specific target audience. AWU are promoting the Guidelines and have engaged external consultants to facilitate Guidelines Workshops across all NSW Health organisations in partnership with the local Manager Aboriginal Workforce Development (MAWD) where available.

The Guidelines workshop objectives are for selected staff:

  • to gain knowledge and an improved understanding of the Guidelines and the scopes of practice for the five Aboriginal Health Worker Workforce models
  • to become cognisant of the difference between Aboriginal Health Worker and Aboriginal Health Practitioner roles;
  • to have an improved understanding of the Guidelines so that informed local decisions can be made to recruit Aboriginal Health Workers in clinical and non-clinical .

The workshop objectives are also for managers and senior human resources staff to apply the Guidelines role design process to implement Aboriginal Health Practitioners if required. Workshops commenced on 22 July 2016 in Nepean Blue Mountains LHD and are expected to be facilitated until mid November 2016.

Stepping Up - The New Aboriginal Recruitment Resource for NSW Health

Stepping Up is NSW Health’s recruitment resource for Aboriginal people. It aims to assist Aboriginal job applicants understand how to apply for roles in NSW Health, and hiring managers to more effectively structure the recruitment to roles within NSW Health.

Stepping Up provides practical information and tips on NSW Health’s recruitment process, including:

  • Where to look for jobs within NSW Health
  • How to put together applications and address selection criteria
  • The assessment process
  • Supporting documentation requirements such as the information needed for Aboriginal identified and targeted positions
  • Contacts for advice and assistance with recruitment

The resource supports the NSW Ministry of Health’s commitment to growing the Aboriginal workforce across the public health sector and also offers information on career opportunities in health and advice to new starters to ease the transition to NSW Health.

Visit the new website at www.steppingup.health.nsw.gov.au and send your feedback and comments to the Aboriginal Workforce Unit.

2015 Good Health Great Jobs Stepping Up Forum

The inaugural 2015 Good Health — Great Jobs Stepping Up Forum reaffirmed NSW Health's commitment to 'Closing the Gap' in health outcomes for Aboriginal people. The Forum was well attended and will now become a regular event in the Aboriginal workforce calendar.

Presentations from the Forum are available on The Hotel Network.

Evaluation results from the Forum have been collated into a Communique and sent to all delegates.


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