Respecting the Difference: Aboriginal Cultural Training

Respecting the Difference is an initiative set by Aboriginal Workforce and NSW Health.

The Aboriginal Cultural Training: Respecting the Difference will assist increasing cultural competencies and promote greater understanding of the processes and protocols for delivering health services to Aboriginal people.

Respecting the Difference aims to significantly improve the health status of Aboriginal people and reverse the impact of racism as there is an immediate and ongoing need for organisations to provide more respectful, responsive and culturally sensitive services. It is everyone's responsibility to be involved in changing organisational culture.

Respecting the Difference: An Aboriginal Cultural Training Framework for NSW HealthThe purpose of this training is to motivate NSW Health staff to build positive and meaningful relationships with Aboriginal people who may be clients, visitors or Aboriginal staff, and to improve their confidence in establishing appropriate and sustainable connections.

The first step toward improving relationships is to identify and acknowledge the different healthcare access issues and inequalities that have been endured by Aboriginal people for many years. So that better relationships with Aboriginal people will result, training has been designed to provide all NSW Health staff with an insight into why many Aboriginal people do not comfortably engage with healthcare providers.

Training components

Respecting the Difference training is comprised of two parts: the first is eLearning; the second is Face to Face.


The eLearning component of the training enables individuals to engage with information at their own pace and in the environment which is most supportive to their learning. Completing eLearning first also enables individuals to come to the Face to Face training sessions (group based) wherein all the participants have been exposed to the same information and are fully prepared for the next stage of learning.

If you have completed the eLearning component and are showing as not completed in your HETI on line learning (My Health Learning) please contact the state wide service desk on 1300 285 533.

Face to face

The face to face training is integrates learning in two parts covering both generic and local content. The focus of the face to face program is action-learning opportunities which enable each individual to return to their role, their team and their overall program of work with the skill to to implement change or identify opportunities for change in their day-to-day practice and / or programs of work.

For information on face to face training, staff members should contact the Learning and Development team within their organisation.

About the Artwork

Bronwyn Bancroft is a descendant of the Djanbun clan of the Bundjalung Nation and is the creator of all artwork for 'Respecting the Difference'.

Learn about the Resoecting the Difference artwork

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