In April 2014, NSW Health Commissioned Francis Group International (FGI) to conduct horizons scanning pertaining to the DIMP workforce, and to develop workforce scenarios through consultation with key stakeholders.

The consultation approach was designed to canvas a broad representative range of expert views on the critical risks and opportunities facing the DIMP workforce, whilst also building cumulative insight and consensus on these risks and opportunities to inform future action planning.

The resulting report provides valuable information about this workforce, clarifying concerns that had previously been difficult to understand. It has also identified strategies that may assist with strengthening this workforce for NSW health.

The DIMPS Horizons Scanning Project Report has been validated through consultation with the local health districts and the recommendations are considered for further action.

To enhance the understanding of this small but critical workforce in the NSW Health context, a DIMPs Allied Health Factsheet has been designed and validated through consultation with key stakeholders. The factsheet contains valuable information about the DIMP workforce which will be of use to those considering this profession as a career. It will also be of assistance to NSW local health districts, health services and other organisations whose role it is to support the ongoing development of this workforce. ​​​

Current as at: Monday 2 September 2019