​Transcript of Diversity and inclusion.

Every day, our 170,000 strong NSW Health workforce provides important and essential care to the people of New South Wales. We come from different countries, cultures, traditional lands, language groups, traditions, and religions. We are different ages and have different families, gender identities, and abilities. NSW Health represents a diverse workforce, where we want everyone to feel they belong and feel included.

I feel I belong when my colleagues understand my obligations around sorry business.

I feel I belong when I can work flexible hours so I can pick up my children.

I feel I belong when I receive opportunities based on my abilities.

I feel I belong when I can talk openly about my partner.

\I feel I belong when people respect my traditions and celebrations.

I feel included when I am seen for my skills.

I feel included when people ask me questions about my culture instead of making assumptions.

I feel included when I am asked to contribute new ideas even though I have worked here a long time.

I feel included when people don't assume I am junior to my white male colleague.

I feel I included when my correct pronouns are used.

Diversity is feeling accepted for who I am.

Diversity is feeling I can be myself without judgment.

Diversity is being able to walk into a room and feel accepted and safe.

Diversity is when everyone gets opportunities to use their skills.

Diversity is accepting and welcoming differences.

Our CORE values are collaboration, openness, respect, and empowerment. CORE means diversity, inclusion and belonging.

NSW Health welcomes people from diverse backgrounds. We are committed to having a workforce that reflects the communities we serve.

Current as at: Monday 11 April 2022