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Domestic violence, sexual assault and child protection

Incorporates responses to domestic and family violence, child protection and wellbeing, sexual assault, Aboriginal family wellbeing and violence prevention as well as a range of cross-government and interagency programs.

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Programs and initiatives with other agencies, non-gvernment organisations and community groups on providing services or advice on particular health issues relating to children, youth and families.
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Maternal, child and family health

Responses, services and programs to promote the health and wellbeing of mothers, babies and children and the provision of high-quality maternity, child and family health services.

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Kids and Families Data Warehouse

The Kids and Families Data Warehouse has been built to house community health data collections. Only registered users will be able to input and upload data which will be stored in a single location.

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Paediatric healthcare

Overall strategic direction and support for hospital care (including outreach) of infants, children and young people in NSW, especially through the development of paediatric guidelines, policies and paediatric networks.

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Publications, training and events

Publications, training and events in relation to domestic violence, sexual assault and child protection; maternal, child and family health; paediatric healthcare; and youth health and wellbeing.

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Youth health and wellbeing

Guidance on the implementation of the NSW Youth Health Policy 2011‑2016 to improve the health and wellbeing of young people aged 12 to 24 years.

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Collaborative network

This is a password accessed network for collaborative development of policies and guidelines by NSW Health professionals and clinicians.

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