NSW Performance Framework

The Framework includes the performance expected of affected organisations to achieve the required levels of health improvement, service delivery and financial performance.

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Climate risk and net zero

NSW Health recognises that it cannot continue to deliver high quality healthcare without responding to climate risk and so is establishing a climate risk and net zero program, to coordinate and scale-up action across NSW Health.

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Retrievals and bed-finding for Far West LHD

​The guide provides advice about the referral pathways for critical care and trauma patients from FWLHD. It includes detail on referral processes and outlines the appropriate points for escalation.

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Each year nearly 229,000 patients have elective surgery in NSW public hospitals. Managing elective surgery patients and waiting lists is a key priority for the Government and NSW Health.

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NSW Health is the largest provider of outpatient services in Australia, so supporting these services to deliver the highest quality care is important. The NSW Ministry of Health works with hospitals on planning and managing outpatient services and to connect services to share best practice ideas.

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Hospital in the Home

Hospital in the Home (HITH) is clinical care that reduces the length of stay in hospital or in some instances can avoid an admission altogether.

The care received through a Hospital in the Home service is comparable with the care received in a hospital.

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Patient Flow

The NSW Patient Flow Systems Programs provides staff with the knowledge and tools to minimise delays in patients moving through care.

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Whole of Health

The Whole of Hospital Program was launched in 2013 to support local health districts in driving the strategic change needed to improve access to care and patient flow within New South Wales public hospitals.

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The ComPacks Program has been developed to facilitate safe and early discharge of eligible patients from hospital by providing access to a short-term package of care designed to help them gain independence and prevent re-admission to hospital.

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