Are you a roster manager with staff who have a preference to either work or not work specific days and/or times each week on an ongoing basis for a defined period? Please refer to Managing Temporary Individual Roster Arrangements for the PDF version.


Make a note of staff making roster requests for the same times each roster or staff who specifically request to work or not to work set days.

Clarify need

Meet with the staff member to clarify their situation and confirm their needs.

Assess suitability

Assess whether a TIRA could meet the staff member's identified need.

Outline process

If a TIRA could be suitable, inform the staff member how TIRAs work, the factors to be considered, the process to apply and the relevant timeframes.

Check delegation

Check your local Rostering Best Practice Guidelines to determine the appropriate delegations for approval.

Document request

If recommended, complete the relevant documentation, stating a start and end date, and forward to Secondary Approver for review.


Notify the staff member of the outcome of their request as soon as possible.

Update roster

If approved, update the staff member's availability in the roster from the commencement date. Diarise to review the TIRA prior to the end date.​​​

Current as at: Tuesday 30 November 2021