​Are you a roster manager with staff who would like to request to work or not to work specified days and/or times, on an ad hoc basis, prior to the roster being published? Please refer to Managing Roster Requests for the PDF version.


Ensure a procedure exists for roster requests in your unit. Communicate and reinforce the procedure and cut off times at orientation and throughout employment.


Have staff complete and submit roster requests prior to the cut off time.


Confirm the request is not for annual or study leave or trade union duties.

Consider a TIRA

If the staff member consistently submits the same roster request, you may consider discussing a TIRA with the staff member.


Consider if service delivery can be maintained if the roster request was approved.

Fairness and e​quity

Check the outcome of previously submitted roster requests for the staff member and other staff. Ensure the decision is fair and equitable.


Notify the staff member of the outcome of their roster request as soon as possible.


If the roster request is not received by the cut-off date, advise the requester to follow the shift swap process.​

Current as at: Tuesday 19 June 2018