​Throughout NSW Health, there are literally thousands of people facing similar rostering challenges as you!

Many have already benefitted from being part of the rostering community. Take a look at these 90 second videos below to hear from your peers.

We would love you to participate in the rostering community, so together we can find innovative solutions to common rostering issues.

We have established a closed group on LinkedIn called the NSW Innovative Rosterers’ Community.

To join this community:

  1. go to LinkedIn
  2. select the Request to Join


We encourage you to:

  • ask questions
  • support others
  • share resources
  • generate ideas

Karen, Megan, Tim and Daniel participated in a series of MasterClass workshops focussing on improving rostering outcomes within a continuous improvement framework. Hear what they had to say about their experience.​​

RISE participant feedback

Transcript: RISE participant feedback

RISE masterclass participants

Transcript: RISE masterclass participants

Current as at: Thursday 4 April 2019