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Refer to Rostering Best Practice for more information.

RosteringRostering plays a key role in:

  • patient safety and quality
  • staff wellbeing and culture
  • organisational productivity and performance.

By optimising our rosters, we will have the right people, with the right skills in the right place to deliver quality patient care service.

Effective rostering incorporates managing staff availability, roster creation, maintenance, payroll and retrospective adjustments.

It is complex and requires staff to develop capability to make informed decisions.

Developing roster capability

Developing rostering capability is an important part of the NSW approach to ensuring effective rostering.

Please view the video and information below for details on how to utilise the Rostering Capability Framework (RCF) to develop the capabilities required.

Which persona best describes you?

This rostering portal is a hub for rostering information and online resources to support staff to improve rostering outcomes.

Please take a look at these three personas described below and consider which one best describes your current situation.

You can then refer to the table below for a recommendation on the most appropriate resources to support your capability development.

  • Persona one - ​Staff who support Roster Managers or who are preparing to act or to take on Roster Manager responsibilities in the future.
  • Persona two - ​Staff who are relatively new to being a Roster Manager and are responsible for managing the implementation and outcomes of the roster.
  • Persona three - ​Staff who are capable of managing the day to day operational rostering decisions, wanting to adopt a more strategic approach to optimise roster outcomes.

Where to from here?

We suggest you:

  • speak to your Manager to request assistance in establishing a coaching relationship
  • meet with your Coach and provide them with the Coaching Guide
  • review the Rostering Resource Manual v2.2 and your local guidelines
  • collaborate with your Coach to establish an action plan
  • connect with peers on LinkedIn or in other forums to share knowledge and generate new ideas
  • log on to MyHealth Learning and search 'rcf' or 'roster' to explore what is available.

Below are some recommended RCF resources for each persona.

This is intended as a guide. Feel free to determine those modules that best meet the identified need.

Persona One

Persona Two - persona 1 resources plus

Persona Three - persona 1 and 2 resources plus

Please refer to the Rostering Capability Matrix for easy access to what is available.

You may also like to go directly to the:

  • Tip Sheets that provide some key points to either get you started or refresh your knowledge
  • Implementation Guides that will link you to relevant resources you will need to interact with.
Current as at: Tuesday 7 June 2022