Here are some suggestions to include in conversations with your team to assist them to understand the reasons for rostering decisions. Please refer to Explaining Rostering Decisions for the PDF version.

Service delivery

My highest priority is to ensure the roster I manage enables our team to deliver a quality service.

Staff well-being

I need staff to be happy and functioning effectively, so I must roster to allow time for staff to rest and recuperate to avoid fatigue.

Clinical needs

I need to ensure the appropriate staff are rostered so clinical needs can be can be met at all times.

Skill mix

I must ensure our team has the appropriate skill mix to meet the needs of those we serve, safely.

Fairness and equity

I need to consider historical rostering decisions to ensure all staff have similar opportunities in their roster.

Industrial Awards

I must ensure rosters comply with the relevant Industrial Award staff are covered by.


I need to roster to predefined measures of success in creating a published roster to ensure productivity.


I need to consider staffing costs to ensure I stay within the allocated budget.​​​

Current as at: Friday 8 June 2018