​Here are some suggestions to make roster maintenance more efficient and reduce the time required to finalise a roster for payroll. Please refer to Maintaining the Roster for the PDF version.

Establish a routine

Establish a daily routine that allows sufficient time to check any variations to the published roster and update as appropriate.

Update promptly

Update the roster as soon as you become aware of a variation or as part of your daily maintenance.

Plan ahead

Use the roster to plan the work for the day or shift and identify any variation required due to changes in demand.


Monitor what has, is and will occur against the published roster. Investigate any variations and update the roster as required.

Review reports

Generate or access reports to identify any issues that require investigation and possible updates to the roster.

Get notified

Implement processes for staff to notify you of any changes to the published roster, prior to or as they occur.

Remind staff

Remind staff to check their roster is accurate, including all allowances, and to notify you of any changes required, prior to finalisation cut off.


Ensure you allow sufficient time to complete updates prior to finalisation cut off for your Health Agency.​​​​

Current as at: Wednesday 20 June 2018