Would you like to learn how to support your staff to plan their long service leave whilst maintaining service delivery? Here are a few tips to support you. Please refer to Managing Long Service Leave for the PDF version.


Ensure staff are aware of their entitlements to long service leave, as well as the procedure for requesting and taking leave.


Meet with the staff member to understand their preferences. Remind them to check on the impact taking long service leave may have on their pay.


Have staff complete and submit the leave request at least 4 weeks before their planned leave.

Balance check

Check staff member’s long service leave and annual leave balances. Have them take any excessive leave before long service leave.


Consider if service delivery can be maintained, ensuring fairness and equity. Follow local processes to confirm the approval.


Notify the staff member of the outcome of their long service leave request as soon as possible.

Update roster

If approved, follow local procedures to confirm and update the roster and have documentation processed.


Determine if the staff member needs to be replaced to deliver the service. If you need to recruit a temporary replacement, allow sufficient time.​​​​

Current as at: Friday 8 June 2018