​Are you a roster manager looking to manage your staff leave effectively? Here are a few tips to get you started. Please refer to Planning Leave for your team PDF version.


Prepare to plan staff leave by reviewing projection leave reports and arranging a draft plan of how much leave each staff member will need to take for the year, ensuring this aligns to your leave target.


Communicate so your team are aware of all procedures, resources and how to access. You may also like to recommend times when it would be suitable to take leave.


Encourage staff to discuss their plans so you both have an understanding of the other's needs. Have staff complete documentation and submit it to you for review.


Assess the application to ensure you are able to deliver the service if the staff member was not available to work. Follow local processes to confirm the approval.


Irrespective of the outcome of the assessment, notify the staff member as soon as possible so they can make their plans.


Determine if the staff member needs to be replaced to deliver the service. If you need to recruit a temporary replacement, allow sufficient time to do this.


If there are any changes required, discuss these with the staff member and repeat the assessment to ensure the service can be delivered.


Include the staff member in the roster from the date they are due to return. Update them of any changes that have occurred while they were on leave.​​​​​

Current as at: Wednesday 1 December 2021