Do you have staff entitled to ADOs and would like to learn how to roster them to maintain service delivery while complying with the award? Here are a few tips to support you. ​Please click here for the .pdf document of Managing Allocated/Additional Days Off (ADOs).


Communicate so your team are aware of all procedures relating to ADOs, resources and how to access.​​

Seek preferences

Ask staff to submit a roster request by the cut off date in the matrix to request their ADO be rostered on a specific day.

Consider accrual requests

If staff request to accrue ADOs, confirm whether this is permitted under the Award they are covered by, and agree when the ADO will be taken, ensuring delivery can be maintained.​

Assess requests

Assess requests for ADOs on requested dates, maintaining fairness and equity, ensuring service delivery can be maintained and complying with Awards.

Update the roster

For approved requests, update the roster. Ensure all ADOs are allocated to eligible staff as full days, as they will be deducted as a full day in StaffLink.

Requests to change

If staff need to change an ADO after the roster is published, advise them they will need to follow the shift swap process. You should and maintain the roster as required.

Changing rostered ADOs

If you need to change a rostered ADO to meet service delivery, check you are complying with the award, notify the staff member explaining the reasons and negotiate an alternate date.

Maintain records

​​Follow the correct procedure to maintain accurate records of accruals and taking of ADOs, ensuring StaffLink and HealthRoster are current at all times.​​

Current as at: Friday 8 June 2018