Are you a Roster Manager whose demand template is due for an annual review, or has any of the below occurring in your roster?

Please refer to How to check your roster demand template​ for the pdf version.

Meets demand

Check whether the template enabled you to deliver the service with your agreed establishment whilst meeting the rostering principles.​

Seasonal requirements

Check the template allowed effective delivery of the service whilst meeting fluctuations in demand due to seasonal variations.​

Regular adjustments

Check if additional duties are regularly being created or if you have unfilled shifts. Determine if these shifts need to be updated in the template to meet service needs.

Skill mix

Check skill mix was appropriate to deliver the service. Refer to warnings relating to skills. Review the demand template skill requirements for a planned roster.​


Check what warnings are occurring when rostering the demand template. Appropriate demand template changes may support allocations to avoid predefined warnings.

Roster analyser

Check the template has realistic measures of success e.g. unfilled or additional duties etc. If not, review the measures of success & update the template to ensure they can be met.

Charge cover

Check all shifts requiring charge cover are reflected in the template.​

Supervision and handover

Ensure Junior staff are rostered with a supervisor when required and allow sufficient handover to ensure this occurs.​​

Current as at: Thursday 6 December 2018