​Would you like to ensure your roster delivers the service efficiently and effectively? Here are some suggestions on how to achieve this. Please refer to Cost Effective Rostering for the pdf version.

Confirm budget

Confirm staffing budget, ensuring you understand what is and is not included. Divide staffing budget by roster periods to measure progress over year.

Ensure adequate staffing

Review established vacancies and follow process to recruit suitably skilled staff to deliver the service whilst ensuring staff are able to take leave entitlement.


Assess existing TIRAs quarterly to ensure they do not reduce efficiency. Analyse historical data to identify issues, trends and any avoidable costs.

Plan leave

Continually educate staff on the need to take annual leave to ensure leave is planned in advance and excessive leave is not accrued.

Review template

Estimate costs and consider alternate options that may be more efficient. Discuss any recommended template changes with your Manager.

Create and maintain the roster

Apply template to create roster. Timely staffing action will reduce potential impact on costs. Maintain roster ensuring accurate staffing picture at any point in time.

Check roster and timesheets

Check vacancies are filled efficiently, avoiding penalty rates and allowances are minimised. Check roster and timesheets are accurate prior to finalisation.


Where a potential cost saving is actioned, consider if funds can be redirected to enhance service delivery.

Current as at: Thursday 19 July 2018