Transcript of Long Service Leave module.

Staff planning to take long service leave should be encouraged to discuss their intentions with you so a mutually agreeable arrangement can be reached. Ideally you should set aside some time to meet with any staff member who has indicated their intention to take long service leave.

Prior to the meeting you should gather information to refer to throughout the discussion. This may include the staff members' long service leave entitlement, the an​nual leave planner and the important dates such as school and public holidays and details of any past applications.

You should ask your staff member to come prepared to discuss their proposed dates and their preference to take the leap as full half or double pay, as this will impact on the amount of time they are able to be away from work. You should explain to the staff member that they should check on the amount they will receive whilst on long service leave to ensure they are prepared for any variation from normal so they can budget for this.

Once you are satisfied with the staff members' proposal you should have the staff member submit their application for long service leave and advise them of when you would expect to have a response. You should speak to your manager to confirm the correct procedure for your health agency.

Current as at: Thursday 10 October 2019