Transcript of Rostering Capability Matrix.

The Rostering Capability Matrix leads you to targeted resources to develop rostering capability. Here's how it works. The left column aligns to the rostering process you will progress through for every roster. The other columns list resources to assist you with this process.

The first column lists the RCF online learning modules accessed through My Health Learning. In these modules you'll find comprehensive information about what is required at each step along with interactive case studies that provide feedback on your capability. To access these modules go to My Health Learning and type RCF in the search field then select the module you require from the list. Successful completion of these activities will be recorded in your My Health Learning record.

The next column links you to tip sheets to get you started or as a reminder of what is required. The final column links you to implementation guides which lists the resources you may need to interact with to complete that step. The locating rostering resources guide provides step-by-step instructions for locating each of the resources listed in the implementation guides. To identify the resource you need locate the rostering step you're at and determine the type of resource you require. For example you may be about to finalize a roster but want to be sure to do this correctly to avoid retrospective adjustments so go to the finalization step and select the resource that will best assist your need at the time.

The learning pathway is up to you just access what you need when you need it. The capability matrix is located on the Rostering portal and is updated regularly. Follow the link here to explore the matrix yourself and don't forget to check back from time to time to see what's new.

Current as at: Monday 18 November 2019