​​NSW Health is Australia's largest health care employer with approximately 140,000 staff working across a range of health areas.

Clinical staff involved in the treatment and management of patients in areas such as medicine, dentistry, nursing and midwifery and allied health make up the majority of the NSW Health workforce.

There are an array of other rewarding health service support and system performance roles that do not involve direct patient care but that are also important to supporting the health and well-being of the people of NSW now and into the future. 

Clinical roles

Clinical roles in the NSW Health public health system include professions in:

Non-clinical roles 

Non-clinical roles in the NSW Health public health system are in areas including:

  • human resources
  • information technology
  • trades
  • patient transport
  • policy and project management
  • finance and purchasing
  • hospitality such as cleaning and food services
  • operations
  • facilities management
  • security
  • legal and regulatory services

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