The NSW Drinking Water Database is an operational database that allows water test results, collected through the NSW Health Drinking Water Monitoring Program, to be entered and uploaded. The Database holds treated drinking water verification monitoring results on behalf of local water utilities, that own the data. Access is restricted to water utilities, laboratories and agencies involved in regulation and reporting of drinking water quality in regional NSW. 

Verification monitoring is carried out to verify the quality of treated water supplied to consumers. Verification monitoring represents only one component of how a water utility manages drinking water quality. Drinking water suppliers are responsible for the quality of drinking water, and are responsible for communicating drinking water quality information to their consumers. For general enquiries related to drinking water quality in regional NSW please speak with your local council or water utility.  

Database access​

Access the NSW ​Drinking Water Database​

New users

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You will be emailed a login and password once it is created.​

Preparing to use the database

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Guidance on using the database

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For help using the system please contact your local Public Health Unit (1300 066 055) or the Water Unit (02 9391 9939).

For password resets contact the Water Unit on 02 9391 9939 or

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