A secure and safe supply of drinking water is fundamental to public health. The NSW Government has endorsed the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines 2011 (published by the National Health and Medical Research Council and the Natural Resource Management Ministerial Council). The guidelines provide a solid foundation for assessing drinking water quality, by specifying health-based and aesthetic criteria as well as the philosophy of a "multiple barrier approach" from catchment to tap, so to ensure safety of the water.

Drinking water quality

Management of drinking water quality and incidents

Drinking water quality in NSW is managed to protect public health. For information on how drinking water quality is monitored and reported, and details about drinking water quality incidents, see Drinking water quality and incidents.

Suppliers of drinking water in NSW

For information on the new requirements for Water Suppliers, including Water Utilities, Water Carters and Private Suppliers, see Drinking water suppliers.

Water collected privately

Boil water alerts

Special considerations during a boil water alert


Fact sheets

Acts and Regulations

Code of Practice for the Fluoridation of Public Water Supplies

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