NSW Health is a regulatory agency for Hunter Water under the Hunter Water Act 1991.

Hunter Water is responsible for the management of water collected in storages prior to treatment, water treatment at one of their six water treatment plants and distribution to consumers. Hunter Water’s principal objectives under the Hunter Water Act 1991 and operating licence are to ensure that declared catchment areas are managed and protected to promote water quality and the protection of the environment, and to protect public health by supplying safe drinking and recycled water to its consumers.

The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) administers the operating licence of Hunter Water which specifies that drinking water should be managed in accordance with the Framework for Management of Drinking Water Quality in the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines​ and that all relevant activities should be carried out to the satisfaction of NSW Health. Hunter Water is audited annually against their operating licence by IPART​.

NSW Health advises Hunter Water on the application of the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines​ to ensure safe supply of drinking water. NSW Health maintains a memorandum of understanding with Hunter Water. Hunter Water publishes drinking water test results on their website.

Hunter Water is required to report to NSW Health any information or event within their water supply system or operations which may adversely affect public health.

The NSW Chief Health Officer has the responsibility for issuing advice to the public regarding measures available to minimise risk from disease, including water-borne disease. For more information, see the NSW Health response protocol.

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