Finali​​st for Enhancing the Patients' Experience through the Arts

We​stern Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD)


“My condition doesn’t define me. Nor is it the most interesting part of me,” Silia, renal patient.

Being and Belonging is an exciting, engaging, collaborative consumer-led arts project at the Regional Dialysis Centre at Blacktown Hospital which encourages patients to get more involved in their healthcare by expressing their experience through art, and directly influencing their care environment.

Being and Belonging uses a consumer-led model, quirky and inventive projects conceived through direct patient and community consultation, an ability to engage traditionally difficult-to-reach clients such as young adults and Aboriginal patients, and a capacity to strengthen networks with key community partners.

The program has delivered better patient outcomes by creating a more positive and uplifting physical space which helps reduce tension, address isolation, alleviate boredom and promote communication.

Page Updated: Wednesday 26 October 2016