Job seekers

Applying for a position

JMO roles are advertised via the JMO eRecruit System. For information about specific roles, please contact the person listed on the advertisement.

Updates on position/s that you have applied for

Please contact the advertisement contact person listed via the JMO eRecruit system.

HelpDesk during the campaign

Between July - December, for enquiries regarding:

  • using the JMO eRecruit System
  • recruitment process requirements during the campaign.

You can contact the HealthShare NSW JMO HelpDesk at or 1300 443 966.


For enquiries regarding:

Please seek advice from your local Human Resources team in the first instance. If your query is unable to be resolved, contact Workplace Relations.

For enquiries regarding:

  • JMO eRecruit System (including access and manuals)
  • recruitment campaign processes.

Please contact HealthShare NSW.

For enquiries regarding:

Please contact Recruitment Strategy.​​​​​​​​

For enquiries regarding:
  • JMO Recruitment Strategy Review Recommendations
  • JMO Wellbeing and Support initiatives (initiatives 4 – 7)
  • JMO Recruitment Committee
  • JMO Workforce Managers Committee.
Please contact the JMO Recruitment Governance Unit. ​​​​​​​​
Current as at: Thursday 25 June 2020