2022 Junior Medical Officer recruitment

The main round of JMO recruitment has now closed! 

Positions not filled in the main round will be advertised in the second round from 4 October 2021.


External applicants

If you are currently not employed with NSW Health, please apply for positions through the external JMO career portal.

Internal applicants

If you are a current NSW Health employee with an exisiting Stafflink number, please apply for positions through the internal JMO career portal for a smoother application and onboarding experience. 

Campaign dates

​Details of advertising and offer dates for the main round can be found on the 2022 clinical year recruitment campaign dates page.

The RACP have announced there will be delays to exam results due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak.  Please check the campaign dates page to ensure you are aware of any impact these changes might have for your specialty. 


Second round applications 

Positions that remain unfilled after the main round will be readvertised in the second round, with advertising commencing from 4 October 2021. The dates and times for advertising and offers for the second round will be set by the facilities/networks so you will need to check the ROB career portal links above ​for all details related to available positions. 

The second round of recruitment will be completed by 23 January 2022 with the clinical year starting on Monday 7 February 2022.

Current as at: Sunday 15 August 2021