Applications for the 2024 rural undergraduate scholarships are closed.

About the scholarships

Scholarships of up to $5,000 are available for people from rural NSW who are starting their first year of a Bachelor of Nursing or Bachelor of Midwifery degree in 2024. The number of scholarships awarded is subject to funds being available. Preference is given to applicants living in locations where greatest workforce need is identified.

  • October

    Applications open 23 October 2023.


    Applications close 12 January 2024.


    Enrolment documents supplied by 1 March 2024.

    Applications reviewed March/April 2024.


    Notification of outcomes to applicants 30 April 2024.


    Acceptance of scholarship by applicant by 7 May 2024.

    Scholarships awarded by 17 May 2024.

  • Map of Rural NSW defining boundaries as Berry, Maitland and LithgowTo apply you must be:

    • an Australian citizen or permanent resident living in NSW
    • enrolled in your first year of an Australian Bachelor of Nursing or Bachelor of Midwifery degree in 2024
    • living in a rural location within NSW for longer than five years, and within the last ten years
    • intending to practice in a rural location as a registered nurse or midwife when you complete your studies
    • willing to participate in an evaluation or telephone survey about the scholarship.

    For the purposes of these scholarships, rural NSW is defined by the boundaries of Berry, Maitland and Lithgow.

  • As part of the application process, applicants must complete an online application form and provide:

    • a personal essay (250-500 words) responding to the question Why do you wish to become a nurse or midwife and what could you offer your own rural community?
    • a letter of support written by a person who knows you, which reflects your rural background, your character and desire to practice nursing or midwifery in a rural setting.
      This letter cannot be completed by a family member. An appropriate person could be a:
      • recent employer
      • high school principal or senior teacher
      • health professional or minister of religion
      • member of a community or sporting organisation you are involved in, such as a committee member, sporting coach or volunteer leader.
    • official confirmation of your enrolment in an Australian undergraduate nursing or midwifery course in 2024, the includes:
      • your name
      • program of study
      • year of study
      • list of subjects enrolled in 2024.
      If your enrolment confirmation isn't available when you apply, please submit a brief letter showing your intention to enrol and forward your enrolment confirmation when received to MOH-NScholar@health.nsw.gov.au. Enrolment confirmation (post receipt of your application) must be provided by 1 March 2024. Generic information about course subjects will not be accepted, and we may ask for extra information.


    Write the essay in a Word document before you start your online application. Save it to your hard drive and then attach as a separate Word document as instructed in the online application form.

    Your letter of support and confirmation of enrolment should be in PDF format.

    You can save an incomplete application and return to it later, but you need to submit your application to be considered. When your application is submitted you'll receive a confirmation email. Once your application has been submitted, you can't change your application.

  • Prior to applications opening I have:

    • read the information available about the scholarship
    • checked that I am eligible to apply for the scholarship
    • marked all key dates in my diary
    • collected evidence of enrolment in a Bachelor of Nursing or Midwifery
    • recieved a letter of support from someone who knows me
    • written my essay.

Contacts and links

For more information about these scholarships, read the Frequently asked questions or contact the Senior Program Officer Scholarships at MOH-NScholar@health.nsw.gov.au or on (02) 9844 6570.

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