​Since October 2017, the NSW Government has partnered with Flourish Australia to deliver an innovative mental health program to enhance the wellbeing of individuals experiencing mental health issues in the community.

The Resolve Program will help approximately 530 people in and around Penrith and Orange with their mental health recovery journey.

The Program will provide participants with two years of comprehensive, recovery-oriented mental health support.

The Program complements other mental health services in Nepean Blue Mountains and Western NSW Local Health Districts and is supported by a $7 million social benefit bond raised by Social Ventures Australia.

As outlined in Living Well, A Strategic Plan for Mental Health in NSW 2014-2024, the NSW Government is committed to improving mental health outcomes for people with mental illness, and supporting their families and carers.

Last updated: 15 March 2018

​What is the Resolve Program?

The Program is a two year program delivering comprehensive, recovery-oriented community-based mental health support comprising:

  • a residential program for periodic care with 24/7 peer support provided through Resolve Centres
  • outreach support to people in their homes
  • care coordination and case management for individuals
  • linkages to specialist drug and alcohol services
  • a phone line for after-hours peer support.
The Program complements other mental health services in Nepean Blue Mountains and Western NSW Local Health Districts that are responsible for taking care of your patient’s clinical needs.

Does my patient have to pay?

The Program is free for eligible patients.

Is my patient eligible for the Program?

Your patient is eligible if they:
  • are aged 18 – 64 years
  • have been hospitalised for a mental health issue for extended periods within the last 12 months
  • live in and around Penrith or Orange
  • do not have a diagnosis of dementia.
Based on the above criteria, the Local Health District is responsible for determining patient eligibility and making referrals to the Program.

What mental health conditions are covered by the Program?

All mental health conditions are covered by the Program.
Your patient will be assessed for any other support needed such as drug and alcohol support.

How long will my patient be able to participate in the Program for?

Eligible patients will be supported for two years.

Can I refer patients to the Program?

You cannot refer patients directly to the Program. The Local Health District will assess patient eligibility and advise you if one of your patients meets the eligibility criteria.

What will happen to patients already being cared for by the Local Health District who are referred to the Program?

Patients will continue to receive clinical support from the Local Health District Community Mental Health Service throughout their participation in the Program. The Program complements other services that patients are receiving and Resolve staff will help link patients in with other services to make sure they are getting access to all the clinical and community based support that is available.

How does the Program differ from other Government programs?

A differentiating feature of the Program is that core components of the Program are delivered by peer workers – people with a lived experience of a mental health issue who can use their knowledge to help others on their recovery journey. The Program provides the right help at the right time at the community level.
The Program is also founded on a partnership approach through deep collaboration with Local Health Districts, general practitioners, clinicians, other service providers and the community to ensure continuity of support for participants.

Who is Flourish Australia?

Flourish Australia is an established non-government organisation with 60 years of experience delivering community-based mental health services and support for people with a mental health issue.
Flourish Australia is committed to walking alongside people with a lived experience of a mental health issue, as they progress along their recovery journey. Their goal is to support people to build purposeful and proud lives, and be contributing members of the community.

Who is Social Ventures Australia?

Social Ventures Australia is a social purpose organisation that works with partners to improve the lives of people in need.
Social Ventures Australia’s range of services are designed to scale social impact, helping business, government and philanthropists to be more effective funders, and social purpose organisations to be more effective at delivering services.
A social benefit bond of $7 million was raised by Social Ventures Australia to support the Resolve Program.


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