In early 2015, NSW Health undertook a public notice campaign to increase community awareness and understanding of new outdoor smoking bans under the Smoke-free Environment Act 2000. From 6 July 2015, commercial outdoor dining areas in NSW are smoke-free.

What you need to know

From 6 July 2015:

  • Commercial outdoor dining areas in NSW are smoke-free.
  • Smoking is banned within 4 metres of a pedestrian entry or exit from a hospitality venue (the ‘4 metre law’).

The bans apply to any ignited smoking product including cigarettes, pipes and water-pipes.

Penalties for non-compliance may apply:

  • on the spot fines of $300 for individuals
  • up to $5,500 for business owners.

The Camp​aign

Campaign audience

  • Adults aged 18+ in New South Wales (with a focus on patrons of dining venues)
  • Members of the hospitality industry.

The broad objectives of the campaign

  • Increase awareness of smoking bans at hospitality venues from 6 July 2015.
  • Achieve high compliance with the smoking bans.
  • Decrease exposure to second-hand smoke for people who attend and eat at licensed premises, cafés and restaurants.

The campaign included advertising through various channels between May and July 2015.

NSW research shows strong community support for smoking bans in commercial outdoor dining areas and at entrances to public buildings by both smokers and non-smokers. NSW Health had been worked closely with the hospitality industry and other key stakeholders since 2014 to prepare for the new bans.​​​​​​​

Page Updated: Friday 16 June 2017