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Letter templates

Medical contraindication to influenza vaccination requirements

The Ministry of Health has developed a template letter for use by General Practitioners for people seeking confirmation of a medical contraindication to the influenza vaccination requirements set out in the Public Health (COVID-19 Residential Aged Care Facilities) Order 2020.



Who to call

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Stop the spread

Hygiene etiquette – help us stop the spread

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Hygiene and handwashing

Have you washed your hands

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How to Handwash

How to Handwash
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Hygiene advice for people living in residential buildings

Cleaning surfaces at home to help stop the spread of COVID-19

COVID-19 symptoms and testing

Who should get tested at COVID-19 testing clinics?

Get tested

Identifying the symptoms


COVID-19 symptoms and testing

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Protection and physical distancing

Keeping everyone Safe: Physical Distancing

Elevator physical distancing

Physical distancing

Aged care - Protect our residents

Protect yourself from viruses - Portrait (A3)


Guidance for essential service personnel

Help us stop the spread

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Self isolation

When do I need to self isolate?

Aboriginal health resources

Keep our communities healthy - Good health and hygiene

Keep our communities healthy - Stay connected

Keep our communities healthy - Protect community and Elders

Flyer: Keep our communities healthy - Sorry Business and Coronavirus

Brochure: keep our communities healthy

Social tile: Staying connected keeps us strong

Social tile: Protect your community

Social tile: Keep our communities healthy

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Social tile: Keep your community safe - wash your hands with soap

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Social tile: Coronavirus spreads very easily

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Social tile: Our culture is important

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Social tile: Keep a distance from others

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Stop the spread

Brochure: Just got tested for COVID-19?

Brochure: Looking after your health and wellbeing

LGBTQ people and people living with HIV

Visit ACON - COVID-19 and Our Communities for information and resources about COVID-19 and what it means for people from sexuality and gender diverse communities and people living with HIV.

Children's book

Hi. This is coronavirus.


Graphics (web and social)

Email signature - COVID-19

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Digital banner - Testing process

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Digital banner - Medicines

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Australian Government advice

The Commonwealth have resources available for a range of industries including health professionals, travel and aged care.

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