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  • Rostering Resource Manual
    The NSW Health Rostering Resource Manual has been developed to inform, guide and educate staff with rostering responsibilities in relation to planning, developing, maintaining and operating rosters that meet patient, staff and organisational needs.
  • Allocated Days Off (ADOs) - Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
    The frequently asked questions page has been developed to assist roster managers and rostered staff to understand how Allocated Days Off (ADOs) are calculated, answer common queries, and dispel some myths around ADOs.
  • Rostering Best Practice Infographic (2018) Rostering Best Practice Infographic (2018)​ Alternative text: Rostering Best Practice Infographic 
    This infographic explains the incentive behind the program and may be useful to local health districts, speciality health networks, roster managers and rostered staff who are working with the Rostering Best Practice team.

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