​Rostering is the means by which we plan our daily staffing needs to match our patient care demands. Effective rostering ensures that a skilled and available workforce is deployed to deliver patient care services, whilst also enabling the organisation to operate as efficiently as possible.

Within NSW Health, ‘rostering’ covers the whole roster cycle, from building and maintaining a roster, to generating a pay file and managing retrospective (post pay) adjustments.

This webpage has been designed to support the consolidation of information about Rostering in NSW Health. It contains the key Rostering documents produced by the Ministry of Health and relevant links to resources and information produced by other Health agencies involved in Rostering including eHealth and HealthShare.

Developing Rostering Capability is an important part of the NSW approach to ensuring effective rostering.

The video below provides further explanation of how the Rostering Capability Framework can support you.

Please refer to Rostering Capability Framework for further information.​​​

Page Updated: Tuesday 3 April 2018