​Do you have staff in your team who may want to take maternity, adoption or parental leave? Here are a few tips to get you started. Please refer to Tips - Managing Maternity, Adoption and Parental Leave for pdf version.

Review awards, policies and procedures

Review Industrial Awards, Policies and local procedures to ensure familiarity.

Meet with staff members

Arrange a meeting with staff requesting maternity, adoption or parental leave to clarify their needs and preferences.

Refer staff member to policies and procedures

Determine the relevant award, policies and local procedure that are relevant to the situation and refer the staff member to these.

Confirm relevant details

Confirm staff member's preferred start and return dates, option for full or half pay, any other leave and their preferred capacity on return.

Check leave balance confirm arrangement

Check StaffLink to confirm leave balance as at the date staff member is planning to commence leave. Confirm arrangement with staff member.

Complete required documentation

Have staff member complete and submit application for leave and relevant forms as per local procedures and in accordance with what was agreed.

Manage vacancy

Determine how the vacancy will be filled and implement actions to arrange a temporary replacement.

Maintain contact & reorient on return

Maintain contact & follow up any changes. Ensure returning staff are informed of any changes in their absence and offer continued support.

Current as at: Thursday 19 July 2018