Are you a roster manager looking to improve the accuracy of the information in your roster and reduce retrospective adjustments? Here are a few tips to get your started. Please refer to Finalise a Roster for the PDF version.

Maintain daily

Update the roster as soon as you become aware of any variation or as part of your daily maintenance.

Allow sufficient time to complete updates prior to finalisation cut off.

Confirm cut off

Confirm pay cycle and payroll cut off time for rosters. If managing multiple rosters, confirm this for each. If away, delegate to an appropriate person to take responsibility to finalise.

Check and update leave

Check all planned and unplanned leave was recorded in the roster and is reflected accurately in the timesheets. Ensure documentation has been completed and processed.

Check variations​

Check if there were any variations since the roster was last maintained. Verify what occurred and ensure it is updated in the roster and recorded accurately in the timesheets.

Check and record allowances

Check all allowances are recorded accurately in the roster, as per each staff member’s entitlement under their award and confirm it is accurate in each staff member’s timesheet.

Finalise any unfinalised shifts

Review the Unfinalised Unit Summary to identify any unfinalised shifts. Follow the correct process to finalise any unfinalised shift or non-productive.

Check and update timesheets

Remind staff to check their timesheet is accurate, including all allowances, and to notify you of any changes required, prior to finalisation cut off. Verify information and update as appropriate.

Finalise the roster

Once satisfied the roster and timesheets are accurate, finalise the roster. If you are on the roster, have an authorised staff member finalise your roster for payroll.​

Current as at: Thursday 21 June 2018