Are you looking to reduce the number of retrospective adjustments necessary for your roster? Here are a few tips to support you. Please refer to Retrospective Adjustments for the PDF version.

Educate staff

Educate staff on their responsibilities for checking their timesheet in Employee Online and advising any required changes to the planned roster, prior to payroll cut off time.

Identify need for retrospective adjustment

Where a need is identified, verify information and determine if adju​stment is required.

Determine if priority

Check the relevant Industrial Award and any procedures for your Health Agency and determine if the adjustments is to be processed in the next pay as a post export adjustment run (PEAR), or out of cycle as a priority.

Unlock the roster

If the adjustment can be processed as a PEAR, unlock the roster so it can be updated.

Update the roster

Update the roster as per the verified information.

Re-finalise the roster

Confirm all information is accurate and re-finalise the roster.

Request priority with LRA

If the adjustment is classified as a priority, liaise with the Local Roster Administrator to submit the request to process the payment and any resulting charge due to the adjustment to the cost centre.

Notify staff member

Set realistic expectations with staff of when the adjustment will be reflected in their payroll. Reinforce and manage impacts of retrospective adjustments if the staff member was responsible.​​

Current as at: Thursday 21 June 2018