Are you a Roster Manager with staff who have a preference to either work or not work on specific days and/or times each week on an ongoing basis for a defined period?​ Please refer to Implementing Continuous Improvement​ for the pdf version.

Growth mindset

Adopt a growth mindset. Believe you can make a difference.

Define circles

Define your circles of influence to determine how you can make an impact directly or indirectly in the short and long term.​

Test ideas

Regularly generate, test, refine and implement new ideas. Share, collaborate, co-create and innovate with colleagues.

Determine outcomes

Determine the outcome you are aiming to achieve. Consult with relevant stakeholders to confirm agreement.

Analyse status

Analyse current state to identify areas for improvement and to develop action plans.

Manage time

Manage time to prioritise innovation, set time in your schedule and actively protect time to ensure it is not interrupted.

Incremental improvement

Break larger goals into smaller goals and aim for incremental improvement.


Challenge existing practices and continually look for better ways of approaching tasks​.

Current as at: Tuesday 11 December 2018