​Do you have a vacancy on your roster that you have not been able to fill after following the Vacancy Management Guidelines? Here are some suggestions on how to address this. Please refer to Tips - Manage Overtime & Time in Lieu for the pdf version.

Identify vacancy and skill requirements

Review the roster to identify any vacancies. If vacancies exist, determine the skills required to deliver the service.

Follow vacancy management guidelines

Follow the Vacancy Management Guidelines for your Health Agency ensuring overtime is only used as a last resort.

Identify suitable staff members

Identify suitably skilled staff who can work the shift without risk of fatigue, whilst complying with the award & maintaining fairness & equity.

Confirm compensation options

Consider whether you would be able to offer time in lieu & deliver the service in the future, or if staff will have to be paid overtime at award rates.

Offer overtime and discuss payment options

Offer overtime and discuss compensation options. If time in lieu is preferred, agree on when it will be taken within 3 months.

Document and update roster

Complete and approve relevant documentation as per agreement and update the roster to reflect what will occur, including the planned time in lieu.

Monitor time in lieu

Ensure time in lieu is taken when agreed. Maintain a record of time in lieu accruals to ensure it is taken within 3 months of overtime being worked.

Reduce future need

Reflect on cause of overtime and if steps could be taken to reduce the need in the future, such as recruitment or a modification to the demand template.

Current as at: Thursday 19 July 2018