Have you created a roster and want to ensure it is accurate so it can be published for staff to view? Here are a few tips to get you started. ​Please refer to Create and Check a Roster for the PDF version.

Apply the roster template and create roster

Apply the template from the commencement of the roster period. Enter all approved leave and allocate shifts applying the rostering principles.

Check approved leave is recorded

Check all approved leave has been entered in the roster and ensure there are sufficient staff on leave to meet FTE targets.

Check fair and equitable distribution of shifts

Review the roster to ensure staff have a mix of day, evening, night and weekend shifts. Check these are distributed fairly and equitably.

Check skill mix is appropriate

Check the required number of staff with the appropriate skills have been allocated to each shift. Ensure anyone requiring supervision has been rostered with their supervisor.

Check violation errors

Review any violation errors and determine how to address

Check all shifts allocated

Ensure all shifts have been allocated. Where a shift is not required to maintain service delivery, cancel the demand in HealthRoster.

Check fatigue is mitigated

Check each staff member’s roster to ensure they have sufficient break between shifts and they are not exceeding the maximum number of consecutive shifts and late/early swaps.

Partially approve and advise secondary approver

​​Once all checks are completed and issues are resolved, partially approve the roster, check the Roster Analyser and notify the Secondary Approver the roster is ready to be published.​​​​

Current as at: Friday 8 June 2018