​Stage Rostering process​cess​ ​Key task and responsibilitis
​Roster template build and development of rostering measures of success
  • ​​develop roster template in line with FTE, budget allocated and agreed skill requirements within approved staffing profile
  • roster templates must be responsive to known workload variations, service provision, seasonal fluctuations and special events Factor Work Health & Safety and Industrial Award provisions
  • consider leave planning when developing roster templates e.g. maximum number of staff on leave at one time
  • determine roster structure e.g. shift work, staggered shifts, on call
  • ensure locally developed rostering rules are incorporated into the roster template including temporary individual roster arrangements
  • ensure adequate time for patient handover is built into shifts
  • ensure adequate supervision is ava​ilable for staff
  • determine the number, classifications and skills of staff required per shift
  • build in training and education requirements and provide cover where necessary
  • develop and agree on rostering measures of success.
TaskRoster template build and development of measures of success​ 

Responsibility: Roster creator / Manager

​Staffing availability
  • ​ensure there is a process for review and approval of the following:
    • staff roster requests and Temporary Individual Roster Arrangements 
    • annual leave requests and leave schedule
    • high leave balances 
    • ADO balances
  • identify part-time staff available for additional shifts to assist with vacancy management.
Task: Determination of staffing availability

Responsibility: Roster creator / Manager

​Roster creation
  • ​ensure all approved temporary individual roster arrangements, roster requests, ADOs and leave are entered into roster
  • allocate staff to remaining shifts according to roster template build requirements and staffing availability 
  • fill vacancies according to locally developed vacancy management processes​
Task: Roster creation

Responsibility: Roster creator / Manager​

Approved for publishing roster
  • ​prior to sign off ensure all appropriate steps in the roster process have been completed and agreed rostering measures of success have been met
  • ensure local processes are in place for sign off and approval prior to publishing roster 
  • following approval, publish roster according to Industrial Award requirements​.
Task: Reconciliation of roster to agreed measures of success

Responsibility: Roster creator / Manager​

Task: Roster approval for publishing
Responsibility: Authorised roster approver (for publishing)

Task: Publish roster
Responsibility: Roster Creator / Manager​

​Maintenance ​Ensure rosters are updated daily to record time worked, unplanned leave, shift swaps and any other changes to the published roster. Task: Roster maintenance

Responsibility: Roster creator / Manager / AHNM / Operational Manager

​Finalisation for payroll
  • ​ensure there is a process for approval by the manager for payroll transfer 
  • ensure there is a process to print timesheets for staff review and signing at the end of the roster period​.
Task: Authorisation and approval for payroll transfer

Responsibility: Authorised Roster approver (for payroll transfer)​

​Retrospective adjustments ​Ensure there is a process in place for managing and approving any retrospective payroll adjustments.​ Task: Entry of retrospective roster adjustments

Responsibility: Roster creator / Manager

Task: Authorisation and approval for payroll transfer
Responsibility: Authorised roster approver (for payroll transfer)​

For more information, contact the Rostering Best Practice team on rostering@doh.health.nsw.gov.au.​​​​​​​​​

Current as at: Friday 9 March 2018