Small private water supplies with untreated rainwater can create their own QAP using the template for Untreated Rainwater. A completed example is available for a General Store. Your QAP should reflect the details of your water supply.

Please note, this template is intended for small private water supplies. Some private water suppliers, such as caravan parks or food businesses, are required by legislation other than the Public Health Act 2010 to provide a safe drinking water supply. Check with your local council or the NSW Food Authority to see if this applies to you.

Food businesses must ensure the water they use is safe. If you have a food business, talk with your local council about the steps you may need to take to provide safe water.

Under the Food Act 2003, a food business is a business, enterprise or activity that involves the handling of food intended for sale, or the sale of food, regardless of whether the business, enterprise or activity concerned is of a commercial, charitable or community nature or whether it involves the handling or sale of food on one occasion only.

The Local Government (Manufactured Home Estates, Caravan Parks, Camping Grounds and Moveable Dwellings) Regulation 2005 Clause 101 (6) and Clause 27 (4) requires that water supplied for human consumption or domestic purposes at these premises comply with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

For information on managing rainwater please see Rainwater Tanks.

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