Australia is experiencing health workforce shortages in a number of healthcare professions, which is particularly evident in some healthcare fields such as mental health services.

Given the specialised training required to become a health professional, it is recognised that increasing and developing the health workforce can take some time and requires a dedicated commitment from at both commonwealth and state levels. NSW Health, in conjunction with local and national partners, supports a range of activities to increase, support and develop the NSW mental health workforce.

Interested in a career in mental health?

A career specialising in mental health services is both rewarding and challenging. Mental health workers make a difference to other people’s lives every day. Their skills include personal qualities such as compassion and patience, as well as the technical skills that their profession demands.

The mental health workforce in NSW is a group of highly trained health practitioners working in a wide range of health professions including psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, assistants in nursing, social workers, Aboriginal mental health workers, occupational therapists, dieticians, art therapists, youth workers, peer workers, advocates and more. Information about some possible training pathways is available from the following institutions or websites:

Page Updated: Thursday 30 November 2017