There are many resources and tools that support the work of professionals in the mental health field.

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Aboriginal people


Connecting With Carers is Everybody's Business - A training resource for family friendly mental health services

Children and young people


Effective Models of Care for Comorbid Mental Illness and Illicit Substance Use


Consumer and carer experience of NSW mental health services during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic


Eating disorders


Intellectual disability

Mental Health Act 2007 forms

Prescribed forms and Non prescribed forms for Mental Health Act 2007

Mental Health Outcomes and Assessment Tools (MH-OAT)

Pathways to Community Living Initiative (PCLI)

Pathways for Community Living Initiative (PCLI) - for health professionals and service providers

Peer workers

Peer Supported Transfer of Care (Peer-STOC) evaluation report 2021

Physical health

Physical health care for people living with mental health issues.

Older people


Towards Zero Suicides resources for health professionals

Supervision and mentoring

Supervision and mentoring for occupational therapists, Allied Health professionals.

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