Application lodged by mail​

Within 7 days of receipt of an application, the application will be checked and an acknowledgment letter issued, including requesting documents that have been omitted or incorrectly completed. This process may repeat depending on the comprehensiveness of the application. 

The stop the clock provisions are Incomplete or inadequately completed application form.

Assessment of application

Within 20 business days (4 weeks)  from receipt of complete application, the assessment of complete application will be done and perform interview and inspection where required. An acknowledgement letter will be issued, including request for omitted or incorrectly completed documents. Finally recommendation of licence or refusal with reasons.

The Stop the clock provisions are:

  • request for Drugs and Poisons Control Procedure (DPCP)
  • incomplete or inadequate DPCP
  • request for interview
  • request for inspection
  • non-compliance with Code of Good Wholesaling Practice(following inspection)
  • requirement for Security Risk Assessment (SRA)
  • requirement to respond to SRA recommendations.

Issue of licence

Within 7 days of receipt of recommendation, the licence will be issued or refusal of licence with reasons for decision​.

There are no stop the clock provisions for this.


  1. Timeframes apply to applications for licences:
    • to supply drugs of addiction
    • to manufacture and supply drugs of addiction
    • to supply by wholesale poisons and or restricted substances for therapeutic use
    • to sell substances specified in schedule two of the poisons list from a retail shop
    • application for the transfer of authority for the handling and storage of drugs of addiction.
  2. Time from date of receipt of application to date of decision, excluding periods where the clock is stopped.
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