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Developed by

Virtual care community of practice working group.


  • Expert advice was sought from Hospital in the Home, Ambulatory Care, Mental Health, Ministry of Health Prevention and Response to Violence Abuse and Neglect (PARVAN) Unit and Aged Care Unit (Health and Social Policy Branch), emergency care specialists and the Executive of the Virtual care community of practice.
  • Consultation was sought from the Clinical Excellence Commission, Primary care, Community health, Emergency care, Virtual care and Respiratory communities of practice.
  • This document has been informed by existing clinical NSW COVID-19 services and in particular Sydney Local Health District RPA Virtual Hospital. The Guideline is informed by their COVID-19 Remote Monitoring Clinical Protocol and Model of Care written collaboratively by SLHD’s RPA Virtual, Respiratory, Infectious Diseases, Emergency Care, Paediatric, Public Health and Mental Health disciplines and shared with the ​Virtual care community of practice.

Endorsed by

Dr Nigel Lyons, Deputy Secretary, Health System Strategy and Planning, NSW Ministry of Health.

For use by

​​Clinicians delivering virtual and clinical care to people with COVID-19 in the community, including:
  • Virtual care services
  • COVID response teams
  • Community nursing
  • Hospital in the Home
  • Integrated care teams
  • Primary care​.​
Current as at: Wednesday 5 August 2020
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