February 2022 edition : Commissioning for Better Value

Wayne Jones, Chief Executive, Northern NSW Local Health District (NNSWLHD) and the team used CBV to design, implement and manage their medical imaging services.

In this video, they share how they used the four essentials of value to identify service outcomes.

Key to their success was the extensive collaboration with clinicians and staff.

“To me, co-design, communication, collaboration, and a willingness to compromise by all parties… you end up with a far better result.”

Wayne Jones, Chief Executive, NNSWLHD

As part of the CBV approach, the district implemented consistent measurement across the sites which helps track the district’s medical imaging service goals. The service contract includes annual patient and clinician experience surveys and key performance indicators informed by outcomes that will deliver value based medical imaging services.

“We've put those service goals into our tender specs, and also into our contract. Because we are constantly measuring experience and outcomes, we maintain an ongoing focus on those things that our people decided mattered.”

Susie Malady, Manager Health Support Services, NNSWLHD

Some highlights from the first patient survey for the new service in 2021 show:

  • 99% of patients reported they were ‘always’ treated with respect and dignity when they were in the imaging department
  • 94% of patients who had advance bookings reported they could get an appointment time that suited them
  • 93% of patients across the district rated their care in the imaging department as ‘very good’ (highest rating level)
  • 88% of patients reported their questions were ‘always’ answered in a way they could understand.

Information from the surveys is used to continuously improve the experience of patients and clinicians across the district.

More information

  • CBV website
  • CBV Strategy 2021-24
  • CBV SharePoint site (NSW Health staff only) – includes a range of resources and tools to apply a CBV approach as well as videos and details of CBV projects. New resources on the site include the: Implementation plan and Monitoring and Evaluation plan.

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