October 2021 edition

It’s hard to believe that 12 months ago, Susan Pearce, Deputy Secretary of Patient Experience and System Performance launched Elevating the Human Experience – Our Guide to Action. ​​

Since the launch, the Elevating the Human Experience team have been working on implementing the guide – including supporting the enabler working groups (EWGs).

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Progress of the Enabler Working Groups

The Enabler Working Groups (EWGs) are one of the most significant components of Elevating the Human Experience (ETHE). Their role is to compile, prioritise and recommend initiatives to the Steering Committee, setting the direction for the future.

The EWGs that have completed their formal meetings and recommended initiatives for the Elevating the Human Experience workplan are:

  • Leadership, accountability, and governance
  • Innovation and technology
  • Measurement, feedback and response
  • Environment and hospitality.

Due to COVID-19, these EWGs have rescheduled some meetings:

  • Culture and staff experience
  • Collaborative partnerships
  • Information and communication. 

Timeline and key milestones


The next stage includes scoping the 28 initiatives recommended by the completed groups. An interim workplan will be proposed to the Elevating the Human Experience Steering Committee on 28 October 2021.

NSW Health staff can access more information on the Elevating the Human Experience - Our Guide to Action intranet page.

Establishment of COVID Experience Taskforce

This taskforce provides system wide advocacy for human experience issue. It focuses on the immediate needs of inpatients and emergency department patients. Together, staff and consumers review system strengths and identify opportunities to make an immediate difference without adding burden to front line staff.

Funding secured for award winning Emergency Department Patient Experience Program

In June 2021, funding for the Emergency Department Patient Experience Program (EDPX) for another four years was secured. This is part of a $69.7 million hospital security package in the 2021‑22 NSW state budget.

NSW Health staff can access more information on the Emergency Department Patient Experience Program intranet page.

Schwartz Rounds Program introduced at five locations

Improving staff wellbeing by integrating the Schwartz Rounds with existing wellbeing programs has been a priority.

Schwartz Rounds help staff to deal with the emotional fallout and stress of the healthcare environment. It provides a structured forum to meet in a confidential and safe environment, talking about the challenges of providing health care to patients, their families, and carers.

Schwartz Rounds have been implemented at five NSW Health sites:

  • John Hunter Hospital
  • The Children’s Hospital Network
  • Coffs Harbour Hospital
  • Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Health Service
  • Nepean Blue Mountains Mental Health Service.

Consumer remuneration

Partnering with consumers is at the heart of elevating the human experience. NSW Health is dedicated to strengthening the community and consumer voice in decisions about health policy, service planning, implementation and evaluation.

Consumer remuneration demonstrates that we respect and value the unique knowledge, insights and experience that consumers bring to the table. The team are developing guidelines on the reimbursement and remuneration of consumer representatives to ensure a consistent and transparent approach across NSW Health.

Never has kindness been more important

Never has it been more important to recognise the kindness and compassion of NSW Health staff.

The Gathering of Kindness starts on 10 November 2021 with a series of events curated by the Experience team. The stories shared will recognise and celebrate the kindness and compassion of NSW Health staff as they have cared for the community and each other during the COVID-19 pandemic.

NSW Health staff can access more information on the Kindness Works Here intranet page.

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