​​​A range of information is available to assist health professionals to be better informed about LGBTIQ+ communities and their health. Individual organisations are responsible for maintaining the information presented and should be contacted directly about any specific queries.

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Access to primary and community care

Data and research

Domestic and family violence

I​ntersex/innate variations of sex characteristics

Mental health and suicide prevention support


Palliative care and end of life

People with disability

EmployableQ Disability Employment Inclusion Toolkit - A toolkit by LGBTIQ+ Health Australia with resources to support organisations to build safe workplaces for LGBTIQ+ people with disability.

Pregnancy and birth

Rainbow Families - Inclusive Language For Midwives And Birth Workers.

Sexual assault

Sexual health

Supporting older people

LGBTIQ+ Health Australia – Working with LGBTI People: Elders

Supporting young people

Trans and gender diverse health

Trauma-informed care

What is trauma-informed care? - Principles for effective support

Workplace diversity and inclusion

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