You may be visiting this website because your wife, girlfriend or partner is

  • unwell and unable to take care of the baby
  • being treated for perinatal mental illness at a hospital or other health facility.

You're not alone. Many dads have been through what you're going through now. Things do work out.

There is a lot of helpful information on this site, including: how to take care of your baby, how to get support and how to give support.

Transcript: Holding it all together

"I just kept telling people I was okay. What I wanted to say was, 'I'm just trying to hold our shit together'."

Hear other dads' stories

You're not alone. Here's how other dads coped with perinatal mental health.

How to support yourself

You've taken care of your partner and the baby, now look after yourself.

How to support her

Find out what you can do, with tips from dads who've been there.

How to care for your baby

Find out what your baby needs, including feeding, bathing, nappies and sleeping.

Signs and symptoms

Symptoms of anxiety, depression and other mental health issues.

Get help

Who you can call to get help, types of help and what happens when you call.

Talking to health staff

What you may need to ask if your partner needs to stay at the hospital.

Life after mental illness

Some things to talk about together after your partner is feeling better.

​Although this resource is aimed at dads, the information is helpful for all new parents and carers regardless of gender, who are coping with perinatal mental illness.

Current as at: Monday 1 February 2021
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