Highlights included:

  • continued support of the NSW Aboriginal Communities Water and Sewerage Program, a joint initiative of the NSW Government and the NSW Aboriginal Land Council and has committed more than $200 million over 25 years to ensure adequate operation, maintenance and monitoring of water supplies and sewerage systems in discrete Aboriginal communities
  • implementation of risk-based water and sewerage management plans
  • the Department of Industry-Water reported that 62 Aboriginal communities met the criteria and were eligible for funding under this program. Of those communities:
    • 21 were found to have satisfactory services equivalent to neighbouring communities as they were part of a reticulated water supply system before the program
    • 31 had long term service agreements in place for local water utilities to provide full water and sewerage services. Seven of the 31 long term service agreements have now been extended for a further 5 years
    • 6 had interim arrangements in place for the local water utilities to support water and sewerage services equivalent to those in the wider local community.
  • as a result of this program, 62 Aboriginal communities with a population in excess of 6,000 people received water and sewerage services at a higher level than before the program. Even where long term service agreements are not in place, the program provides support to communities through local councils and contracted service providers.
Current as at: Tuesday 23 October 2018
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