The Towards Zero Suicides initiatives seek to provide leading best practice crisis care and support, build on local community resilience and improve systems and practices to reduce the suicide rate in NSW. Learn more about each of the initiatives.

Safe Haven

For anyone feeling distressed or having suicidal thoughts, Safe Havens are an alternative option to attending an Emergency Department.

Suicide Prevention Outreach Teams

SPOTs are mobile response teams helping those at-risk in the community.

Enhancement to Rural Counselling

More mental health help is available for rural and regional NSW.

Community Gatekeeper Training

More than 5,700 community members trained to create safe spaces for people to talk about their thoughts and feelings.

Building on Aboriginal Communities' Resilience

A culturally appropriate suicide prevention program is now available in NSW.

Zero Suicides in Care

Changes to NSW Health policies and models for care to help achieve the goal of zero .


The Way Back Support Service provides follow-up after a suicide attempt. Find out more.

Youth Aftercare Pilot

Pilot locations in Blacktown and Coffs Harbour provide high-level support to children and young people.

Post Suicide Support

This service provides family, friends and communities with support after a suicide.

Expanding Peer Support and Peer Led Programs

How the Peer Support and Peer Led programs are being expanded for people who have experienced a suicidal crisis.

NSW Community Collaboratives

How communities are working together to create a thorough and compassionate response to suicide.

Suicide Prevention Training in Systems Outside Mental Health

NSW Health is providing suicide prevention training to staff across NSW Government services.

Community Response Packages for Priority Groups

How community groups will provide help, resources and awareness to groups with increased risk of suicide.

NSW Suicide Monitoring System

The NSW Suicide Data Monitoring System identifies suspected and confirmed suicides in NSW.

Suicide Prevention Alert System

An alert system will be trialled to ensure that suicide services for people at risk can be provided quickly.

Current as at: Thursday 23 December 2021
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